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When Heroes Lie appears on DVD 20.2 - Swedish television premiere on 19.2.

Press release 18.2.2013

The critically acclaimed and most-discussed Finnish film of 2012, When Heroes Lie, is now being released on DVD with a great deal of extra material. The documentary is directed by Arto Halonen, who also wrote the screenplay with Jouni K. Kemppainen and Kevin Frazier.

“Halonen has made an impressive, fair-minded and extremely comprehensive film that the viewer can watch with an excitement similar to watching a good thriller.”
- Lumi Tirronen / Episodi * * * *

Further details: www.whenheroeslie.com

Unreleased extra material:

  • 6 trailers
  • Finnish Ski Association & Orion (9 min. 14 s)
  • Immo Kuutsa has something to say (12 min. 13 s)
  • Wrong questions ( 3 min. 13 s)
  • What Punkkinen has brought to Kaisa Mäkäräinen’s training ( 3min. 34 s)
  • Alexander Stubb: Let’s enjoy sporting moments (1 min. 35 s)
  • What Jarmo Riski has gotten from the doping scandals (3 min. 15 s)
  • Jari Piirainen being charged (2min. 22 s)
  • Sami Heiskanen decided to drive Ferrari (1 min. 31 s)
  • Manuela Di Centa and Lahti’s hemoglobin test (2min. 15 s)

When Heroes Lie on Swedish national television

When Heroes Lie (När hjältarna ljuger) will be shown on Swedish television channel SVT1 on Tuesday 19.2. The film will be presented as part of the DOX documentary series at 22:00. Reruns will be on Wednesday 20.2 at 12:25 and 00:05 (CET). The film discusses ski doping not only in Finland but also in Sweden and Norway.

Further details:

Press images: www.filmikamari.fi/pressit
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Password: noutaja

Homepage: www.whenheroeslie.com

SVT:n info: http://www.svt.se/dox/nar-hjaltarna-ljuger

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